...Kids to become empowered adults

...Parents to become empowered Family Leaders 

 Research and evidence-based Parent Coaching based on neuroscience and biological sciences, with a trauma-informed lens has changed the parenting lives and personal lives of countless parents around the world. Take it from a parent who has been coached herself - Ashley Anjlien Kumar, The Confidence Coach.


We can love our kids to bits, but we can't give them high self-confidence, soaring self-esteem, or a strong self-image. BUT we can provide them tools and resources that show them how to develop the mindset they need to develop these qualities. 


And no, this is not what they learn in schools. And no, most adults don't know this stuff either!

In my 6 Step Program, I help kids overcome fear, failure, and change in order to develop soaring self-esteem and unstoppable self-confidence. I infuse my program with stories, arts, crafts, games, role-playing, journaling and other fun tools. Certified Coaches like myself are referred to as Wisdom Coaches(TM) for kids.

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Ashley Anjlien Kumar

Author, Speaker, Wisdom Coach(TM), Parent Coach, SEL Facilitator, Trauma-Informed Coach, Dance Artist, & Registered Yoga Instructor.

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Ashley has spoken at many international events related to parenting, confidence, and empowering kids. She has facilitated workshops, conventions and more. Book her for your next event! 

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Edmonton, AB, Canada

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"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

-Vincent Van Gogh