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Meet Ashley Anjlien Kumar


Helping kids develop the mindset skills for

soaring self-esteem and sensational self-confidence!

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I would highly recommend this program to my friends, family and colleagues. My daughter explained to me all about the subconscious and conscious mind; she provided me an example of the autopilot and the pilot and clearly explained how to remove negative thoughts. She enjoyed learning about the power shifting concept the most – it taught her a valuable life skill. She enjoyed everything about the experience, and I feel very happy that she has learned great morals and values [in a fun way]. I’d rate my satisfaction with the program as a 10/10! Loved [it]!” – Sandeep Ramakrishnan, parent

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Life Coaching for Kids

We want the best for our kids as we go about in this ever-changing world don't we? I'm a parent just like you, but I've also been a young girl - and I know what it's like! 

How do we teach the kids in our lives to hold their heads high, make strong confident decisions, and empower them to achieve what they want in life without getting stuck in the "ruts"? 

We can love our kids to bits, but we can't give them high self-confidence, soaring self-esteem, or a strong self-image. BUT we can provide them tools and resources that show them how to develop the mindset they need to develop these qualities. 


And no, this is not what they learn in schools. And no, most adults don't know this stuff either! Statistics continually prove this.

In my 5 Step Program based on a world-renown curriculum called the Adventures in Wisdom(TM) System, I help girls overcome fear, failure, and change in order to develop soaring self-esteem and unstoppable self-confidence. I infuse my program with stories, arts, crafts, games, role-playing, journal-ing and other fun tools. Certified Coaches like myself are referred to as "Wisdom Coaches."

Request a copy of the "Wisdom Coaching Photo Book" and Learn HOW The Adventures in Wisdom(TM) Coaching Programs are changing the lives of kids and their families around the world!


"Thanks Ashley for your explanations and enthusiasm. I have since noticed my daughter applying the concepts and she is now quite interested in journaling and getting her feelings out. The crafts and concepts were made fun and easy to understand.  She uses her 'failure' box and seems to get a sense of reduced stress from it. I am quite happy with the experience overall and I would recommend it to friends and colleagues." - Apryl Gladue, parent

It's been proven that kids are not learning some of the most important life skills needed for success.

Have you looked at the alarming rates of youth depression and suicide? In fact most adults don't have the skills that I teach in my 5 step program either - stats show that both adults are more stressed out than ever! 

I have the experience; I've been there and I know what it's like to grow up not believing in yourself with a negative self-image. I am grateful for my unique cultural  background that added "ethno-culturally based layers" on existing norms, social expectations, and ways of life for a young girl, because now, I can speak from that experience too.

With over 25 years of experience working with children, and being a mother of two, my drive to empower kids is REAL and cannot be stopped!

The key to empowering kids who become empowered adults is the understanding that our strongest belief systems about who we are and the world around us, are developed at a very young age; we're talking age 7.

In my 5-Step coaching program, I help kids understand the power of their minds, their inner capabilities, their distinct gifts, goal-setting & dream-building, and how to slay fear, mistakes, failure and worries! I use the powerful Adventures in Wisdom Curriculum to do this which uses Stories to Coach Kids.

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Edmonton, AB, Canada