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Transform Your Parenting Journey with Expert Guidance and Group Support

*Limited Time Discount Offer*

*Beta-Test Phase*


A 12-week Parent Coaching & Group Support Program designed specifically for families with children aged 2-11. 

Through this program, you can move from:

Anger and yelling, to finding strategies that work to navigate through triggers. 

Daily ruptures in your relationship with your kids, to effective repair for raising resilient children.

Experiencing difficulty with communication, to finding communication efficacy. 

Feeling alone in your anxiety, fear or worries, to having a safe and brave space to be seen, heard and understood by others experiencing similar things. 

Feeling burnt out figuring out all this parenting stuff on your own, to having a coach and a group of like-minded parents to lean on for support.

Only 6 spots are available - sign up now!

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"Ashley is kind and accountable and her professional etiquette offered me the confidence and determination I was seeking. Thanks to Ashley, I am able to grow, even reaching beyond what I could only imagine was possible. I am utterly grateful for her."

- Brooke Mundell, Mother of 2, Hawaii, USA

"Ashley has been working with our family for many months now. Through her coaching, we have redefined how we parent."

- Joe EyestoneFather of 2, Edmonton, Canada

What Parents Say:

Join us to:

  • Foster healthy communication, 

  • Encourage cooperation,

  • Understand the brain-science behind raising resilient kids.

  • Stop yelling and repeating yourself to your kids and learn more effective ways to be heard and understood. 

  • Strengthen the bond with your child. 


Discover effective tools and techniques to support your parenting as you navigate through becoming a confident, conscious, and empowered family leader. Your feedback will help us shape a program that delivers the support parents around the world. need. 

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What Parents Say:

"After just 5 or 6 sessions with Ashley, we were able to identify my limiting belief - a belief about myself that I had been carrying around since childhood - and I was able to release that belief with Ashley's support. Ashley has a gentle, supportive approach, but held me accountable for my choices. I cannot recommend her services highly enough!"

​-Amy Weber, LCSW, Children's Play-Therapist, New York

"The coaching is fabulous as both parent and child have sessions to create a better understanding of the tools to be implemented. It is worth every $. I have more insight about my child and a better understanding on how to deal with certain situations with him."

- Christie Paredes, Mother of 1 child, Edmonton, Canada

Details for Group Coaching Progra
Family in Nature

The Details:

  • One hour once per week live group coaching calls

(Via Video Calls) on Tuesday mornings | 9:15 am MST  / 11:15 am EST | Start Date is April 2, 2024 - runs for 12 weeks.

  • For families with kids aged 2 - 11 years old. 

  • Private WhatsApp Group Chat Support where you can type/voice-record messages with questions, and concerns or simply seek to be heard/seen and vent. 

  • All printable materials (digital PDFs or Docs) including examples of each tool/strategy being employed for various age ranges.

  • Private one-on-one voice-recorded support via WhatsApp chat with me, your Master Certified Parenting Coach, & Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner. 

  • Private Email support up to 1X/wk

  • Weekly Parenting Challenge (tasks to accomplish) with Accountability.

Regular $799 

Only $399 CAD

Open to Parents Worldwide 

(USD conversion is much lower -

so consider it a further discount for US residents!)

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You will:

  • Learn about your child's brain development, ages/stages, nervous system, and emotional responses and how to adjust your approach to parenting more effectively. 

  • Get concrete tools far beyond your expectations providing physical tangible resources to use in your daily parenting life. 

  • Harness the expertise of a Master Certified Parenting Coach and Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner to transform your parenting journey.


This means:


  • You get hand-in-hand live support from me as your coach.

  • Hear from other parents going through similar challenges as you. 

  • Learn from other parents as well. 

  • Understand how to implement the tools and strategies we will cover, even with your unique child. 

  • Navigate the roadblocks that prevent a tool or strategy from working. 

  • You can ask lots of questions. 

Mother and Son

What are the Benefits of Group Coaching:

  • Accountability: Group coaching provides a built-in support system where members hold each other accountable for their goals and actions. This accountability can help individuals stay motivated and focused on their progress. Setting weekly goals and reporting back to the group on their progress supports personal development. 

  • Shared experiences: Group coaching allows individuals to connect with others who are going through similar challenges or experiences. This shared connection can foster a sense of belonging and provide a safe space for individuals to share their thoughts and emotions. It can also offer opportunities to be seen, heard, felt — and maybe to vent!

  • Diverse perspectives: Parents with different backgrounds, upbringings, and experiences enriches the group space. It offers opportunities to exchange ideas and solutions that individuals may not have considered on their own.


  • Cost-effective: Group coaching typically has a lower price point compared to one-on-one coaching. This makes it a more accessible option for individuals who may not have the budget for individual coaching sessions and access expert advice and support.

  • Learning from others: Group coaching provides an opportunity to learn from not just the coach but also from other group members. Each member brings their own knowledge, skills, and experiences, which can be invaluable in the learning process.

  • Increased motivation and inspiration: Being part of a group of like-minded individuals who are all working towards similar goals can greatly enhance motivation and inspiration.

Meet Ashley Anjlien Kumar

Certified Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence Coach for Kids, Certified Master Parent Coach, Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Author & Speaker.



As a Wisdom Coach for Kids and Parenting Coach, I help families create cohesive, connected and expressive teams where the primary focus is to help kids gain sensational self-confidence and soaring self-esteem, while helping parents overcome hurdles that prevent them from achieving the supportive and peaceful family system they desire.

When I was a child, I deeply struggled with low self-esteem and self-worth. I am a survivor who can attest to childhood trials and tribulations without the knowledge, tools, or resources to help me when I deeply needed them. What's more important to know is that the information I share with kids today, I didn't even know until I learned it all in my thirties after I had my own kids. The real deal is that we can't give our kids what we don't have. And I didn't have the information, tools and resources. But then... I did. I got them. I learned. I did the work. 

And now, for kids, I use a 6 step system rooted in story-telling and multi-sensory learning to go from disempowered, disengaged and unmotivated to self-empowered, self-connected and self-motivated.

With parents, I have unique 13 step approach that allows us to unearth subconscious parenting patterns that play a role in the family’s challenges and shift them so that parents can grow into conscious, confident and empowered family leaders with the help of support, tools and strategies .


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