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On-going Yoga Classes for $70

Mon, Wed & Fri

6:30-7:30 A.M. - MST

Early Morning Yoga to Elevate Your Day

What people say

"Thank you for another amazing class today!! I am so happy I am choosing to make time for myself, it's really made a difference.

Ellena Kupka

Do you want to be held in a loving space with care and guidance? I am a trauma-informed Yoga Instructor and my yoga classes are highly tuned to allow for self-connection and awareness. Come join us: relieve tension, release blocked energy, and stretch out those over-used and tight muscles and ligaments.

It's time. This class is designed for a range of beginners; advanced sequences and poses will not be explored, but you will still be challenged with love and encouragement. 

One of the reasons that registered yoga and fitness programs work is that we make a commitment and this means we become accountable to one another. This helps us reach our goals. 

A commitment to self-care and

Are you ready for that?

What people say

“I feel full of deep gratitude at the end of this [Restorative Yoga] class. I’ve come through a recent period of intense loss and grief and Ashley’s gentle, invitational guidance touched my stressed, overwhelmed body and emotions in healing ways. Her voice and touch are soothing and she is solicitous about arranging supports. Thank you so much for the “I am Enough” and ‘Be’ more, ‘Do’ less advice. Keep going deep into your compassionate being Ashley. You are a soulful, lovely teacher.”

Jannie Edwards


HI! I'm Ashley Anjlien Kumar. People have come up to me and said "Ashley I tried doing yoga classes but the instructors are doing Sun Salutations right in the first lesson! My body isn't ready for that right now. Can you teach me in a way that allows my body to develop strength and flexibility that is right for me?"

I understand you! Yoga is for every BODY, not just the super-fit.

Maybe you're like me in that after kids, you just didn't have the freedom of time for stretching and self-care. Repetitive functional motions of child-care and work demands have taken a toll on your body. Perhaps, you found yourself getting sore, achy and losing the range of mobility you desire. All the challenges in life we face can take a toll on our nervous system. So, I hear you. I see you. I understand. 


This beginner Yoga class is great for you to gently bring you the truth of Yoga; it's not about bending your body to meet the pose - it's about honoring ourselves and adjusting the pose to fit our body as it is today. 

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Yoga... in a way that
is right for you...


What people say

"I am grateful for your yoga sessions. I have become more flexible and stronger doing this everyday."

Cindy Cheta


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