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They say that our kids don’t come with a manual when they’re born… 

Pssst! I’ve got a secret to share with you!

Parents and Daughter



Yup! I've got it...

As a Parent, 

You might be feeling...

  • Confused about how best to guide your child.

  • Unsure about how to balance your parenting approach.

  • Inadequate in your ability to lead them through their life-challenges.

  • Perturbed by how much information and conflicting messages are out there about parenting.

  • Burnt-out figuring out all this stuff on your own!

You might be experiencing...

  • Anger and yelling

  • Disconnection with your kids.

  • Difficulty communicating in a way that gets through to your kids. 

  • At a loss: you want to empower them but you feel like you keep screwing things up. 

  • Anxiety, fear or worries that are impacting your family.

  • Co-parenting concerns and disagreements.

  • & more...

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I want to tell you, you’re not alone!


Millions upon millions of parents around the world are feeling this, and don’t know what to do about it. Meanwhile, millions of kids are being impacted…

Good News!


The thing you’ve been waiting for.

Finally, learn how to navigate this whole parenting journey. 


"Working with Ashley has changed my life. Her warm personality helped build a trusting partnership right away. I, personally, felt that her intuition and skill of the latest data within the scientific field of learning to work with emotions and trauma has really proven to address my immediate need for support.


She is kind and accountable and her professional etiquette offered me the confidence and determination I was seeking. Thanks to Ashley, I am able to grow, even reaching beyond what I could only imagine was possible. I am utterly grateful for her."

What clients say

- Brooke Mundell
Mother of 2, Hawaii, USA



"Highly recommended. Ashley has been working with our family for many months now. Through her coaching we have redefined how we parent and taught our children how to identify their big feelings. Her adaptive approach has helped bring us to a common ground of science based strategies and terminologies that help us get to the route of issues in a loving and supportive way.

Conflict is unavoidable, but With Ashley's help my wife and I are starting to parent as a team. As a result our relationship with our kids and our marriage has become stronger and healthier."

What clients say

- Joe Eyestone
Father of 2, Edmonton, Canada


Let's give you the support you need as parents to navigate what can seem like a tumultuous journey sometimes. I'm a parent. I know what it's like. And... I can help.

This is the program to help you become the EMPOWERED PARENT you deserve to be and gain the evidence-based neuroscience information you need and develop the skills necessary to raise an EMPOWERED CHILD.


Let's give them what they need to succeed by becoming Conscious, Confident & Empowered Family Leaders.

Hi, my name is Ashley Anjlien Kumar, and as a Certified Wisdom Coach(TM) for kids and Master Parent Coach, I am passionate about helping families create the cohesive, connected and expressive family teams they desire.  

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This is for those parents who want to...

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Who is this for?

This is for parents who want to:

  • Learn how to shift out of feeling stuck or powerless in their parenting.

  • Deepen their connections with their children. 

  • Deepen their own self-understanding and discover their inherited and learned parenting patterns that are impacting family dynamics negatively.

  • Understand the science that impacts parenting, but also experience a deeply human, empathic and spiritual space to share, be heard, seen, felt and understood as an imperfect parent on a journey of growth and evolution.

  • Stop limiting intergenerational parenting patterns that are impacting kids self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

  • Acquire concrete tools that can be put into practice right away.

  • Venture on a journey of self-discovery that brings new awareness to parenting and raising beautifully resilient and confident kids. 

  • Not repeat what their parents did when they were growing up. 

  • Challenge the norms of society, and do the work it takes to become a more conscious parent. 


This is suitable for:

  • Parents with kids aged 2-14 and couples who are not pregnant yet, but planning for a family.

Family Fishing Trip

What is this about?

It’s not a book, a course or a coaching program.

It’s ALL OF THEM combined into one

empowering experience.

When parents bring me aboard as their Parenting Coach, they get access to a world-renowned trauma-informed Master Parenting Coach, Seasoned Kids Wisdom Coach, Speaker and Author. 

PLUS access to the most comprehensive online learning platform called the Ultimate Parent Success Course,’ AND several additional resources.


But one thing that makes the most difference is the deeply empathic support they get throughout their journey. 


"I met with Ashley for just a handful of sessions this fall. I had been feeling disconnected from my work, disengaged from my relationship with my husband, and not motivated to care for myself. I had tried traditional psychotherapy over the years, but always felt like it never really "worked"or made me feel better.


After just 5 or 6 sessions with Ashley, we were able to identify my limiting belief - a belief about myself that I had been carrying around since childhood - and I was able to release that belief with Ashley's support. Ashley has a gentle, supportive approach, but held me accountable for my choices. I cannot recommend her services highly enough!"

-Amy Weber, LCSW, Children's Play-Therapist

What people say



"The coaching is fabulous as both parent and child have sessions to create a better understanding of the tools to be implemented. It is worth every $. I have more insight about my child and a better understanding on how to deal with certain situations with him. 

I have noticed my son can now usually name his feelings and what he needs from me. He also has fewer blow-ups emotionally. I appreciate this program from a parent's perspective as I am given tools to help facilitate situations.

 Ashley is very patient and thoughtful. I usually have a lightbulb moment at every session."

- Christie Paredes
Mother of 11-year old child

What people say

Want to know what we cover and understand how this is “The” Manual" for raising confident, empowered and resilient kids while becoming a Conscious, Confident and Empowered Family Leader?

Want to understand whether parent coaching is right for you? 

Then, I invite you to book a Free Parent Consult. 

Family with Tablet
Online Class

How does it work?

You will engage a trauma-educated Certified Master Parent Coach with many supplementary and complementary certifications who will be your support system to unearth challenges, root causes, and create a coherent narrative around your parenting life that will help you create the changes you desire in your family system. 

We start with 12 sessions that run over 24 weeks. Your sessions are supported by your online learning modules and expertly designed resources. 

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What Clients Say:

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