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FREE Coping Skills Guide For You and Your Family

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Big Emotions?

Is parenting triggering you?

Not sure what to do?

👉🏽 Self-care is "a buzz word" on social media, and it's important, but sometimes we need immediate solutions for our child's or our emotional regulation. Taking a bubble bath every time our child gets upset is not practical.


👉🏽 We need sensory calming tools to calm our nervous system and address behavioral challenges in children without resorting to threats or punishments.


📣It's common for parents to lack coping skills to manage distressing emotions, but ultimately, it comes down to finding effective strategies.

👉🏽 When your child's nervous system is activated, their behavior is affected. However, traditional disciplinary methods like threats, demands, punishments, and giving in don't work in the long term and can harm the parent-child relationship.


👉🏽 It is important to address the body's reactions before addressing emotions or thoughts.


💗Start developing and practicing your top 5 coping tools for times of distress.

Grab a Copy of our



  • When our nervous system is activated in specific ways that create high emotions, the more logical or rational parts of the brain "shut off." This means that our decision-making abilities become less rational and supportive when we are experiencing strong emotions. Emotions are always present and influence our thoughts and actions, but some emotions can disrupt our self-regulation and cause us to say or do things we later regret.

  • For kids, the brain doesn’t fully mature until age 25+, so learning about Coping Tools and having open conversations about them while offering regular practice for using and normalizing them, gives our kids an advantage to face the ups and downs of life NOW. And advantage we didn't have when we were kids...

  • I am a Certified Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Coach For Kids and, a Certified Master Parenting Coach, focussing my practice on pre-teens and their parents. Not only will these tools and skills help our kids, but we as parents are also their first teachers, so we need to model them!


Avail of this FREE

Coping Skills Guide
and let me know about your progress!

When our kids leave their dirty socks on the floor for the umpteenth time even though, the laundry basket is right there, we get triggered and we feel not heard, not seen, and not understood.


That can be triggering not because of "who our child" is as a person (refraining from using labels like ‘lazy’ or ‘inconsiderate’…), but because a trigger is a pattern from the past (many of us were not seen or heard as kids…). And the only way to manage triggers from the past are to dig deeper – a Master Certified Parent Coach like me, can help unearth the roots of our triggers and apply skills to support you in creating coherence around them. This work is changing the lives of families around the world.

In the meantime, we need to develop COPING SKILLS to handle the ups and downs of parenting, and these are primarily based on sensory calming tools.

Meet Ashley Anjlien Kumar
Certified Wisdom Coach(TM), Certified Master Parent Coach, Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner,
Yoga Instructor, Author & Speaker.


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As a Trauma-informed Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Coach for kids and Parenting Coach, I help families create cohesive, connected and expressive teams where the primary focus is to help kids gain sensational self-confidence and soaring self-esteem, while helping parents overcome hurdles that prevent them from achieving the supportive and peaceful family system they desire.

When I was a child, I deeply struggled with low self-esteem and self-worth. I am a survivor who can attest to childhood trials and tribulations without the knowledge, tools, or resources to help me when I deeply needed them. What's more important to know is that the information I share with kids today, I didn't even know until I learned it all in my thirties after I had my own kids. The real deal is that we can't give our kids what we don't have. And I didn't have the information, tools and resources. But then... I did. I got them. I learned. I did the work. 

And now, for kids, I use a 6 step system rooted in story-telling and multi-sensory learning to go from disempowered, disengaged and unmotivated to self-empowered, self-connected and self-motivated.

With parents, I have unique 13 step approach that allows us to unearth subconscious parenting patterns that play a role in the family’s challenges and shift them so that parents can grow into conscious, confident and empowered family leaders with the help of support, tools and strategies .

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