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A 2 part-workshop by:


Did you know that most people don’t explicitly know what their values are? They might have a general idea, but haven’t defined them clearly. Unfortunately, this makes setting boundaries and limits much harder, and makes it more difficult to make empowered decisions.

In this workshop we will help you and your family:

  • Identify, name your highest values (individually and as a family).

  • Determine what it means to live in alignment with your highest values and how to make empowered decisions based in values.

  • Understand what a boundary is.

  • See how you can start to define boundaries and stick firm to them.

  • Identify the difference between core human values and core human needs.

  • Learn how to communicate within your family system based on  your values and boundaries.

  • Start to create your family language of empowerment.


(This workshop is in the ‘Beta-Testing’ Phase and is being offered at a significant discount as we fine-tune the content and gather feedback from participants).

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Workshop Details

  • Two 75-minute sessions.

  • Suitable for families with kids aged 7 to 14 years old.

  • The first session will include parents and kids in your family. The second session will be parents only.

Kids & Family Session: Jan 7, 2023 at 1pm MST (3pm EST, 12pm PST)

Parents Only Session: Jan 8th, 2023 at 1pm MST (3pm EST, 12pm PST) 

Only $49.99

(…during this Beta-Testing and Feedback Gathering Phase)

Not knowing our values causes us and our kids more stress...

I was coaching a child near the beginning of my career who was being bullied by her peers – like literally people she called her friends, and was even being cajoled into joining alongside the bullies to bully others. Now, she generally knew the right thing to do was to be kind to others just as she’d want to be treated with kindness. But she didn’t know that she was going against her values of kindness and respect by staying in friendship with the people who were choosing to bully. We did an activity together in one of our coaching sessions and we got very clear on what her values were. Using these values, she was able to determine the boundaries around her friendships with others. She was able to determine when she was living in alignment with her values and how when she kept choosing to do what the bullies were doing, she actually felt worse inside and all of this was diminishing her self-esteem. So you can see that when she didn’t know her values clearly, it was actually contributing to more stress in her mind-body system. Once she got clear, she felt more confident in when to say “yes” and when to say “no” and not feel guilty about her boundaries.

Why Bother with Values?

Values are important because they guide our beliefs, attitudes, and determine how we make choices. One of the undercurrents of our life are values, and yet most of us don’t even know what they are if someone asked us. When we cannot clearly define what we value, how can we make distinct boundaries and set limits as empowered parents or even as empowered kids? How do we really know what to say 'yes' to and what to say 'no' to if we don't really know the values behind our choices?


Repetitively compromising on our values, moves us towards self-detriment mounting challenges.


Life is challenging as it is for kids and parents, do we really want to continue with more dilemma-riddled decision making increasing our stress levels, or are we ready to stand in alignment with our values and make our boundaries clear? Having clear values and boundaries increases our self-esteem...


Your Values are “How you ‘BE’” and this determines what you do and how…

What you value is already showing up in your life. The key is to notice “negative” feelings. When these feelings are showing up, you might be going against a value and there is an opportunity for reflection and choice. For example, I might be going to bed late every night because as a busy mom of two, I direly want “Me-time." But I also know that when I don’t sleep well, I am far from the kind of mom I want to be to my kids - tired-mom version of me seems to cross my kids' boundaries more easily, and even my own, causing harm on us as a collective family. If my highest values are "Family" and “Connection / Closeness” then I’m out of alignment by not going to bed at a decent time because my tired-self isn’t able to give the energy to creating closeness as a family. "Me-time" is an unmet need, and one of my goals then becomes finding ways to meet this need while staying in alignment with my values overall. 

Why bother with values


“I am a former psychologist and had a psychology practice for over 10 years. I was so impressed with the personal development program for kids facilitated by Ashley Anjlien Kumar that my son was registered in. This program teaches things that my husband and I learned in our ADULT personal development coaching courses; but my son got to experience that on his level in a way kids can understand.


What Ashley teaches, a lot of adults don’t even know,

so I love that it’s a course that supports parents to become better too! I see my kids as conscious leaders for their generation and it brings me to tears

that there are beautiful humans who help make these dreams possible for me, my kids and future generations. EVOLVE OR REPEAT. Your choice.”

-Rosalyn Fung, Mother of an 8 year old group coaching participant.

Kids Playing Tug of War



"Ashley is incredibly gifted in her ability to connect with children. She offers advanced personal growth topics to children in a way they can fully understand, integrate and have FUN with! She brings so much passion and enthusiasm to every interaction, and easily inspires kids to both embrace and embody her brilliant teachings.


She holds loving, supportive space for the expansion of the entire family system. I am so grateful for her impact on our world and highly recommend her as a coach, teacher and mentor!"

-Toni Harris, Psychologist & Mother of an 8 year old one-on-one coaching participant.

Meet Ashley Anjlien Kumar
Certified Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence Coach for Kids, Certified Master Parent Coach, Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Author & Speaker.


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As a Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Coach for kids and Master Certified Parenting Coach, I help families create cohesive, connected and expressive teams where the primary focus is to help kids gain sensational self-confidence and soaring self-esteem, while helping parents overcome hurdles that prevent them from achieving the supportive and peaceful family system they desire.

When I was a child, I deeply struggled with low self-esteem and self-worth. I faced racism and bullying as well. I am a survivor who can attest to childhood trials and tribulations without the knowledge, tools, or resources to help me when I deeply needed them. What's more important to know is that the information I share with kids today, I didn't even know until I learned it all in my thirties after I had my own kids. The real deal is that we can't give our kids what we don't have. And I didn't have the information, tools and resources. But then...I got them. I learned. I did the work. 

And now, for kids, I use a 6 step system rooted in story-telling and multi-sensory learning to help them go from disempowered, disengaged and unmotivated to self-empowered, self-connected and self-motivated.

With parents, I have unique 13 step approach that allows us to unearth subconscious parenting patterns that play a role in the family’s challenges and shift them so that parents can grow into conscious, confident and empowered family leaders with the help of support, tools and strategies .

With over 20 years of experience working with children, and being a mother of two, my drive to empower kids is REAL and cannot be stopped!

“Living congruently with what you value most, your highest or core values, is the key to mastering your life and feeling the deepest fulfillment in life.”

– Dr. John Demartini


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