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Nix The Nervousness -

Helping Kids Understand Why They Feel Nervous When They Try Something New & What They Can Do About It


Do you ever get nervous?
Maybe you feel sick to your tummy because you're really anxious about a performance, a test, meeting new people, or doing something new?

In this program, you'll meet Nancy, a young girl navigating some serious nervousness. When we think of "being confident" we might think this means we're not supposed to get nervous. But Nancy learns it's completely normal to be nervous. When she learns how her brain makes nervous feelings, she can choose to practice certain skills and strategies to help herself.



Stories are an incredible way to empower kids, especially when we mix them with multi-sensory learning. What does that mean? Well because everyone processes information differently, using a variety of sensory systems helps kids learn information and retain it better. Kids will have the opportunity to discuss what they learn about nervous feelings with an adult using a worksheet, and make a fun craft that is connected to the story!

Normally this kid's course is available for $34.99
For a limited pick this course up for only $7.99

Who is Ashley Anjilien Kumar?

Ashley is a Certified Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Coach for Kids, Certified Master Parenting Coach, and Certified Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner. She is the author of 4 books, a speaker, mother of 2, and also a Yoga and Dance Teacher. She struggled with low self-esteem and negative self-image as a child and found the unhealed parts of her rise up when she became a mother. Hence, she has undertaken significant training and mentorship in the area of personal development, neuroscience, parenting, child development and trauma. Her grand vision in life is to empower kids to develop the skills they need to manage the ups and downs of life, and to support parents to become empowered, informed, and conscious family leaders. 

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Parents Recommend

"Thanks Ashley for your explanations and enthusiasm. I have since noticed my daughter applying the concepts and she is now quite interested in journaling and getting her feelings out. The crafts and concepts were made fun and easy to understand.  She uses her 'failure' box and seems to get a sense of reduced stress from it. I am quite happy with the experience overall and I would recommend it to friends and colleagues."


- Apryl Gladue, parent

Ashley is incredibly gifted in her ability to connect with children. She offers advanced personal growth topics to children in a way they can fully understand, integrate and have FUN with! She brings so much passion and enthusiasm to every interaction, and easily inspires kids to both embrace and embody her brilliant teachings.

She holds loving, supportive space for the expansion of the entire family system. I am so grateful for her impact on our world and highly recommend her as a coach, teacher and mentor!"

-Toni Harris, Mother of an 8 year old one-on-one coaching participant.

“I feel confident it was money well spent! I’m loving my new calm home; and even though the sessions were for my daughter, my son is so much happier too - thank you, thank you, thank you!"

-Holly Twerdochlib, mother of 12 year old child (One-on-One Child Coaching and Parent Coaching)

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