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Proven Life Coaching Programs for Kids by Ashley Anjlien Kumar


​How do we teach the kids to hold their heads high, make strong confident decisions, and empower them to achieve what they want in life without getting stuck in the "ruts"?

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We can tell our kids they are beautiful, strong and capable until we’re blue in the face, but we can't give them high self-confidence, soaring self-esteem, or a strong self-image. BUT it is possible for them to acquire tools and resources that show them how to develop the mindset they need to develop these qualities.


Most kids are not learning mindset tools to develop strong self-esteem, self-confidence and positive self-image in schools. Most adults don't know this stuff either!

My coaching programs help kids overcome feelings of self-doubt, low self-worth, fear, failure, and change  and develop soaring self-esteem and sensational self-confidence. I infuse my program with stories, arts, crafts, yoga, dance, games, role-playing, journaling and many other fun tools


Why do kids need a life coach?


After studying the child brain, you realize so much...​

Especially when you reflect back on your own childhood. Many of us adults today are walking around with unresolved challenges, hurts or even traumas and they impact our adulthood, our parenting and all of our relationships. When you think back to your childhood, would you have wanted someone to teach you about how your mind works? Would you have wanted to understand where thoughts, feelings and our actions come from and why we have them?

I was called 'Fatty', bullied and had no emotional supports growing up. I lost my biological mother to low self-worth, and I myself grew up with with negative self-image and unhealthy self-esteem. But my childhood looked pretty normal for anyone looking in from the outside... Your childhood might have looked that way too. But the reality is, all our experiences in childhood shape who are and how we respond to situations as adults, especially the challenges and negativity that life throws our way sometimes.

When I started to dive into the world of self-development at age 19, my eyes and my mind were suddenly opened. Things started to make sense. But over the course of 14+ years, I had to piece-meal things together to understand how my mind works, how to shift my thinking to help myself etc. I saw psychologists, and did yoga. But then, I discovered the Adventures in Wisdom(TM) program! I had never in my life seen a program so coherently and cohesively put together to make sense in a way kids could relate to... I was floored. I knew I was in. I learned things about my own mind through this program that I had never learned before.  The coolest thing now was that I got to teach this to kids and help them see their own greatness. 


Why do parents hire a life coach for their kids?


There are a variety of reasons...

  • Many parents are PROACTIVE and want to instill self-esteem and self-confidence in their kids BEFORE they head into their most challenges years - the teenage years. 

  • Many parents didn't have healthy self-esteem or self-confidence themselves growing up and want a better life experience for their kids.

  • Some parents see their kids struggling with low self-esteem, getting down on themselves, beating themselves up, or thinking that no one likes them and don't know how to help their kids. 

  • Many parents hire a coach when their child is going through big changes such as moving to a new city or country, new school or parents divorcing. 

  • When parents want their children to be more successful in school and extracurricular activities.

  • When they see their kids struggling with confidence, shyness or anxiety. 

  • When they want their kids to understand how to develop leadership skills. 

  • When they see their kids making poor decisions with peers.

  • When there are constant struggles at home around siblings, homework, or other responsibilities. 

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So what exactly is life coaching for kids?


Life coaching for kids is about empowering kids through mindset developing. With my strong background in somatic work, I incorporate yoga, breathing and self-connection exercises in my work with kids. Many experts, psychotherapists and counsellors before me know that one the most effective ways to deal with challenges is somatically (through the body).

Kids in my programs learn how to use the power of  their mind and power of  their thoughts to create happiness, confidence and success in their lives. 

  • Coaching helps kids develop resilience skills. Whether that's managing what's happening in school, family or just the curveballs life throws us, kids can learn how to bounce back and pick themselves up so they don't stay stuck in their disappointment, sadness or anger.

  • Coaching helps kids understand how to base their self-esteem on who they are, at their core, and not what they achieve (or don't), who they know, or what they do (or don't do).

  • Coaching helps kids understand how fear, nervousness and anxiety work so they can stretch outside their comfort zone, create courage, and go for their dreams with confidence.

  • Coaching helps kids develop an 'inner compass', how to make supportive decisions and stand up to peer pressure.

  • Coaching helps kids understand their values and stand in their own power when facing challenges. 

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Life coaching is changing the lives of kids around the world...

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Are you parent struggling with the dynamics in  your family and kids? 
Do you find yourself yelling when you don't want to?
Overwhelmed? Overworked? Over-stressed?

I am a Certified Parenting Coach and my goal is to provide support, tools and strategies while also helping parents uncover subconscious parenting patterns that play a role in the family’s challenges and shift them so that parents can grow into conscious, confident and empowered family leaders. My clients are parents working towards conscious parenting with a desire to help their children develop high self-confidence, soaring self-esteem, and a strong self-image and create a cohesive, connected and expressive family team.


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