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Confident Girls Leadership Academy

Learning and Leading Take Flight here...

Hi, I’m Ashley Anjlien Kumar, the founder of the Confident Girls Leadership Academy, and I’m excited that you’ve stopped to view this page.


The Confident Girls Leadership Academy (CGLA) is a unique self-leadership and community leadership program for girls aged 9-12 years old.

This program is split into two parts:



Self-Leadership and Self-Empowerment.

Community Leadership and Empowerment of Others.

As a coach with 20+ years of working with youth, I have noticed that those girls struggling the most with life situations and challenges, seem to shine when given the  opportunity to help others in the same situations. This is due to the dynamics of feeling powerless in certain life situations that the child doesn’t have control of. We can balance the child’s life experience with big-picture opportunities to show leadership and authority in an empowering way: This inspired me to create CGLA.

There’s a saying out there “If you want to get really good at something, teach it!”

CGLA is a coaching program for girls based on the development of mindset skills for creating sensational self-confidence and soaring self-esteem. But the unique part of CGLA is that girls first start off coaching and training with me in small groups. And about halfway through the program, they get to start leading and coaching other groups of girls. So that means, the first part of their experience is learning, and the second part of their experience is leading!

NEXT INTAKE FOR CGLA = Jan 8th! Register by Jan 4th, 2022

CGLA is built on 6 foundational pillars

Understanding the Power of the Mind and Why you Achieve What you Believe

How to Think for Yourself, Make Healthy Decisions, and Stand Up to Peer Pressure

How to Develop Soaring Self-Esteem and Powerful Self-Confidence

Create your Vision, Achieve Your Goals, and Manifest Your Dreams!

Slaying Dragons™
Learn to Bust Through Fear, Mistakes, Failure and Change.

Me In The World
Values, Healthy Relationships, Bullying, Community-Building and Celebrating Successes

And here's the BEST part

It’s all done through storytelling

and multi-sensory experiences that involve arts, crafts, experiments, dance and yoga.

Kids learn best with multi-sensory involvement.

You might be interested in checking out this FREE Masterclass where I talk about this…


Here are some skills your child will develop & concepts she will explore when she joins CGLA –
she’ll also get to lead other girls in exploring these topics later on:

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Understanding of the mind and how it works.

How to grow your comfort zone and step into self-leadership.

Brain science and how confidence REALLY works.

Stepping out of the comfort zone in order to become a community leader.

Power-Shifting – the key to creating happiness.

Self-responsibility & Integrity. 

Respect and self-respect.

How to make decisions in a healthy way.

Managing Peer Pressure.

Self-Talk & Self-Coaching. 

Goal-setting and Life-vision creation.

Overcoming Mistakes, fear, and failure.

Empathy and how to show it.

Enhanced reading and writing skills.

Public speaking and presentation skills.

Self-expression through creative reading & writing as well as artistic expression.

Movement for wellness (Yoga, Dance, and Somatic Healing Movements, EFT tapping)

What's really cool?


Participants who complete ALL 32 sessions will get a certificate of completion!


P​articipants can also acquire volunteer hours (ask us how) and reference letters for their contributions to this program as a leader-in-training.


Schools, community organizations and businesses may also reach out to us for consultation.

Girls in Classrom


Who is The Confidence Coach?

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Low self-worth, lack of self-esteem and confidence and negative self-image were a significant part of my childhood, but all of it fuels my grand vision in life to empower kids and parents. I help kids to develop sensational self-confidence and soaring self-esteem. I help parents with their par