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Helping Kids Overcome Nervous Feelings

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Notice how your child might get nervous or anxious when they are about to do something new?


Introducing themselves to other kids? Starting dance, ski, or gymnastics lessons? Giving a speech in front of their classmates?


Initially they seem excited, but then you see them experience self-doubt, back out, or give up.


There is a real scientific reason this happens! When kids learn how their mind-body system works and why nervous feelings arise, they will have more confidence to navigate the situation instead of limiting themselves.


Kids learn and retain information better through multi-sensory learning and so...


This short course for kids includes a story, discussion workbook, and craft project that provides them with critical information for self-empowerment to step out of their comfort zone and expand their horizons while integrating new learning experiences in life.

Suitable for ages 5 through 10

It is natural to feel nervous or anxious when trying something new or something not done in a while. Yet some kids are very hard on themselves in such situations.


Parents want their children to pick up new skills, make new acquaintances and try new activities but they may lack the tools to facilitate this with their children. They may try to persuade, motivate or even bribe their kids to step out of their comfort zone but this may not be effective. Some moms and dads give up and opportunities are lost.

Kids may even feel worse when they observe their peers doing something brave and they are not sure why they "can't".


This course assists parents and kids in understanding the neuroscience which shapes our brains and is responsible for our conduct and decisions.

So now, it's time to choose.

You can keep coaxing and hoping, crossing your fingers behind your back... or you can take advantage of this course.


You and your child can learn the science behind why we feel nervous in new situations, in a fun interactive way.

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Included in your purchase for a limited time is my Brain-Prepping for Anxiety Parent Guide

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Lifetime access.

Normally $12.99, on sale for $7.77

For questions, please email

Parents Recommend


Monica Baker
Parent of a 10 year Old

Toni Harris
Mother of an 8 year old

I've noticed increased confidence in my daughter and she's using new words/ vocabulary from the program at home! She's also trying new things with less anxiety. She is excited to show and share the crafts with her friends. I would recommend this to friends and colleagues.

Ashley is incredibly gifted in her ability to connect with children. She offers advanced personal growth topics to children in a way they can fully understand, integrate and have FUN with! She brings so much passion and enthusiasm to every interaction, and easily inspires kids to both embrace and embody her brilliant teachings.

Meet Ashley Anjlien Kumar
Certified Wisdom Coach(TM), Certified Master Parent Coach, Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Author & Speaker.


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As a Wisdom Coach for kids and Parenting Coach, I help families create cohesive, connected and expressive teams where the primary focus is to help kids gain sensational self-confidence and soaring self-esteem, while helping parents overcome hurdles that prevent them from achieving the supportive and peaceful family system they desire.

When I was a child, I deeply struggled with low self-esteem and self-worth. I am a survivor who can attest to childhood trials and tribulations without the knowledge, tools, or resources to help me when I deeply needed them. What's more important to know is that the information I share with kids today, I didn't even know until I learned it all in my thirties after I had my own kids. The real deal is that we can't give our kids what we don't have. And I didn't have the information, tools and resources. But then... I did. I got them. I learned. I did the work. 

And now, for kids, I use a 6 step system rooted in story-telling and multi-sensory learning to go from disempowered, disengaged and unmotivated to self-empowered, self-connected and self-motivated.

With parents, I have unique 13 step approach that allows us to unearth subconscious parenting patterns that play a role in the family’s challenges and shift them so that parents can grow into conscious, confident and empowered family leaders with the help of support, tools and strategies .


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