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Projected Release Date: JAN 2021

Find your voice! There is no need to suppress the
truth that makes you who you are. Break free from
a haunting past or circumstances that might be
holding you back from achieving personal balance
and living a full, inspired and happy life using action
steps like Acceptance, Letting Go, and Sharing
Your Story...

...including dance and yoga can break down barriers that prevent self-expression facilitating internal release, and provide a sense
of accomplishment.

Ashley will reveal ways on how to achieve balance in your day-to-day life by looking beyond the surface and working through blockages, freeing your mind, and hence your body, to do what it was meant to – thrive! Join her, and journey into a deeper understanding of yourself!

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The Balance Code proudly welcomes our newest partners. Come learn about how we are uniting together in honor of women!

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Come see what others are saying about The Balance Code - How To Find Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Abundance and Enjoy Life To The Fullest.

The Balance Code For Daily Life

The Balance Code For Daily Life is an awesome little set of boxed quote cards you can keep on your desk, nightstand or in the bathroom, that will provide you with joy, inspiration and motivation. Featuring insightful and thought-provoking quotes from women who have been where you are. Each card is dated so you'll never miss the chance to add positivity to your day!

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My name is Ashley Anjlien Kumar and I personally welcome you! Did you know that 1 in 5 Canadian women are unhappy with their appearance?(1)  Or that according Harvard Business, women ranked lower than men across the board in terms of meaningful work, professional accomplishments, opportunities for growth and development, and compatibilty of work and personal life?(2) Now let's talk about you: Did you know that your mental/emotional, physical and spiritual health are linked? What about self-awareness and your past experiences - how do these factor in towards your personal feelings of success? And your environments, and the people in your life - what role do they play?

I created The Balance Code to help women embrace their true selves, and honor every facet of their being. This book shares stories of seemingly insurmountable circumstances, drastic events, and crucial moments of discovery that lead to life-changing decisions for women. This book provides clear actionable steps to empower women to be their best selves.

My passion lies in impacting lives of women and girls by giving them significant tools and insights that will help them increase their self-love. These tools can be used every day towards empowerment and healing.  You are invited to join a global initiative of empowering women. I'm so pleased our paths have crossed.

Empowering Women & Girls Together...

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