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Do you find yourself:

  • Overwhelmed and exhausted by the daily challenges of parenting?

  • Short on time to do anything that even resembles meditation, even though you know it can be helpful?

  • Struggling to resist the instinct to shout at your children, withdraw in front of a screen, retreat to your bed, or even contemplate leaving everything behind? (Dealing with the instinctive fight-flight-freeze responses that arise during your daily interactions with your kids...)

  • Conscious of the unfulfilled needs from your own childhood, stemming from your parents' inability to provide you with uplifting support, emotional nourishment, and acknowledgment of your genuine efforts?

  • Missing a significant support person in your life who can affirm how incredible you are and recognize the dedication you pour into your parenting when things aren't going so well?

  • Craving something beyond the typical "affirmations" and "positivity" content that saturates the internet these days?


If so, you're not alone. Conscious and Gentle parenting may be one of the hardest things you can do.


Suitable for those who have children under the age of 18.


Being a mom can mean you are regularly up against ingrained survival instincts to fight, flight, freeze or fawn (please and appease) that can hinder your ability to be the parent you want to be and raise resilient kids with healthy self-esteem. Perhaps you grew up with emotionally unavailable parents or have a history of trauma in relationships, making it even more difficult to overcome those survival instincts that lead to emotional dysregulation, mom-guilt, self-over-analyzing, ruminating or catastrophizing.

Solution: Introducing the 5 Minute Daily Meditation / Visualization Recordings to Support Moms. This audio experience is designed to fill a deep unmet need from your childhood in a short time frame, in a supportive and uplifting manner as you head into each parenting day.  If you don’t have that other person (maybe you’re missing a mom, parent or spouse who can offer the daily loving recognition you need to keep going…), let me help.

I created this product, because I myself was missing this support.
Take just five minutes each day to prioritize your mental and emotional well-being.


Who Am I and Why Did I Create This?

I was watching this video on SM where super moms did incredible things to serve and protect their children in various settings. I cried. Each mother deserved ___________ (a word that describes indescribable amounts of recognition, kudos, support, encouragement, praise and like I want to lift them on to my shoulders and carry them and shout it out to the world how amazing they are). I don’t have that word. I don’t think it exists. I cried because that’s what we / they needed as children but didn’t get. That mother/father who was supposed to lift us up and shout from the rooftops her unconditional love and support of us. That daily reminder of how freaking how hard we try, we work, we serve, we do, we be, we meet needs of others. But we don’t have it. I don’t have it. And, we need it.  

I instantly searched on the net to find a daily 5-minute meditation I could do to give myself this. I typed “5-minute uplifting meditation for moms” and guess what? I didn’t find what I was needing.

My name is Ashley Anjlien Kumar. I am a Certified Master Parenting Coach, Certified Kids Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Coach, a Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner, and a Registered Yoga Teacher.

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If anyone believes that “Conscious” or “Positive” or “Respectful” or “Gentle” parenting is easy or permissive, I want to tell you that’s a myth. Conscious and Gentle parenting is one of the hardest things you can do. Why? Because you navigate the fight-flight-freeze urges that come up EACH DAY. Those ingrained survival instincts are challenging to overcome on your own each time you’re faced with it. I will not sugar-coat it: It’s harder if you have a history of trauma. It’s harder if you have anxiety or other emotional challenges. It’s harder if you navigate neurodiversity or are the parent of neurodiverse children.

We thrive in relationship. We thrive in connection. We thrive when there is someone to tell us how amazing we are when we feel far from it. A pocket-parent, maybe? I certainly don’t have a parent I can rely on to nurture that in me. I can do it myself. But that’s hard isn’t it. It’s like co-regulation. When a loving, caring empathic person can fill our bucket… it’s like so much easier isn’t it?

As I watched the video and was becoming inspired, I thought of the millions upon millions of moms out there needing that voice – someone other than themselves – to give them that daily dose of “I believe in you.” And, I was moved into action. I created it.

Introducing my 5 minute Daily Meditation/Visualization Challenge for Moms.


A series of downloadable audio recordings that are different from the typical “affirmation” and “positivity” stuff you can find on the internet these days. This is real: recorded in moments after I myself, was needing the same support I spoke of earlier.

This product is free for moms from around the world for the time being as I gather feedback from moms about their experiences with the meditations.

How it will work:


  1. Click below to be given access to the meditations. Expect to receive one email each day giving you access to the recording for that day.

  2.  A Private Facebook Event has been created. This is where moms can easily come together to share their comments about their experiences/thoughts/feelings/sensations when they listened to that day’s meditation.

  3. Each person who requests access will also be given other tools in the days following the challenge and a chance for a Free Consultation to engage in Parent Coaching if they choose to.


Initial Objective of this Project:

  • Support Moms who need this.

  • Fill a deep unmet need from childhood for many moms.

  • Gather the feedback of moms about their experience, recommendations, and reviews of the meditations.

How does your participation help moms around the world?

​Many of us grew up in emotionally unavailable parenting dynamics. Many of us experienced trauma in relationship with our parents – whether our parents were aware of it or not is beside the point. Many of us have attachment trauma. And many of us parent each day, pouring out of our bucket into the buckets of needy humans while we ourselves struggle to find the support system who can pour into our own bucket to keep us refreshed and charged up to deliver conscious, peaceful and respectful parenting.  Your simple participation in this challenge and sharing of comments on the event page will inspire other moms to seek out the audios and possibly change their lives! That’s huge – all of that just by listening to the audios for approx. 5 minutes a day and commenting!

How to participate and comment in the FB Event Page:

  • Tells us which day you listened to, what you felt, what you experienced, what thoughts you might have had, and your general review of that day’s audio. Crying is welcome. All feelings and experiences are welcome.

  • Be aware that listening to any meditation or audio recording can trigger memories of trauma or create implicit sensations (related to trauma) to arise in the body. Please take care and resource yourself as needed. You have full agency to stop listening at any time, pause, take breaks or completely leave the challenge as necessary for your well-being.

  • Waiver of Liability: By participating in this challenge you agree that no one single individual, group of individuals, organization, or corporation is responsible for any of your experiences related to listening to the audios. You stand in full self-responsibility and agree that you are willingly engaging in listening to the audios.  


Got Questions, contact us.

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