"Yoga +" Events by The Balance Code

Do you offer a unique service, product or program? Are you interested in getting your business directly in front of people? Do you desire to create direct tangibility of your product or service in a way that builds relationships and rapport? Are you interested in increasing your business' exposure, prospects, leads and sales? 

Are you dedicated to improving the lives of others through what you do? Do you believe what you do benefits others?

Yes, yes. And YES? Ok, great - take a gander at the video below.  

Ashley Anjlien Kumar, Director of The Balance Code Yoga & Wellness, creates unique mindfulness based events merging the worlds of Yoga with a particular product or service. For example, the recent Yoga + Chocolate event was highly marketed and very well attended; Ashley and her meditation partner created a special "Chocolate Meditation" for this event. Other events have included Yoga sessions in partnership with Lole (women's wear), and Yoga + Make-Up in partnership with Becky Sankowski for Young Living. These events are geared primarily towards women who are interested in fun, engaging ways to incorporate wellness, self-care, self-love, and social time together away from their many obligations. If you would like to be part of something unique in our city, please email Ashley to discuss further how we can collaborate! ashleyanjlien@gmail.com

Women make the majority of

buying decisions in most households


Edmonton, AB, Canada