Deep Relief Yoga for Moms


A commitment to our self-care and self-nurturing. Are you ready for that? Do you want to be held in a loving space with care and guidance? I am a trauma-informed Yogi and my yoga classes are highly tuned to allow for self-connection and awareness. Come join us: relieve tension, release blocked energy, and stretch out those over-used and tight muscles and ligaments. It's time. 

One of the reasons that registered yoga and fitness programs work is that we make a commitment.

Hi, my name is Ashley Anjlien Kumar. 

Maybe you're like me in that after kids, you just didn't have the freedom of time for stretching and self-care. Repetitive functional motions of child-care and work demands have taken a toll on your body. Perhaps, you found yourself getting sore, achy and losing the range of mobility you desire. Your joints were stiff and tense,  and you had to move more slowly and mindfully. Stress of motherhood and work, plus all of the other challenges in life we face can take a toll on our nervous system. So, I hear you. I see you. I understand. It's hard.


As my kids get older (2 & 4 yrs), I am finding my way into a more balanced state of being. And a part of this journey is to bring Yoga back into my life in a more pronounced way, and into the lives of other mothers who need it. We want to gain mobility, increase flexibility and have our muscles and joints feel more nourished from the inside out. 


This Deep Relief Yoga class is intended to allow mothers space and time for self-care (because it's too easy to put it on the back-burner). A large component of this class is to bring more awareness to the fascia, holding patterns of stress, and create more fluidity in our tendons and muscles through unique stretching practices and modifying asanas to meet our needs. 


After you begin Yoga sessions with us, if after 30 days of commencing your program, you are unsatisfied, we will refund the remainder of your sessions. A special cancellation notification and refund request protocol does apply. If you have questions, please reach out. 

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6 week registered program (12 classes) | Wed & Fri  |  6:00-7:00 MST


Non-contact (no adjustments) & Socially Distant - small class sizes.

See below for Covid-19 Health Protocols

Registration: $149.00 only ($12.41/class)

Professional Licensed Home-Based Studio: 9223 -152 ST NW, Edmonton, AB

“I feel full of deep gratitude at the end of this [Restorative Yoga] class. I’ve come through a recent period of intense loss and grief and Ashley’s gentle, invitational guidance touched my stressed, overwhelmed body and emotions in healing ways. Her voice and touch are soothing and she is solicitous about arranging supports. Thank you so much for the “I am Enough” and ‘Be’ more, ‘Do’ less advice. Keep going deep into your compassionate being Ashley. You are a soulful, lovely teacher.” – Jannie Edwards

“The class was extremely relaxing – great ambiance and setting *loved the touch aspect*. Ashley’s voice is calm and soothing. Modifications were offered (pregnancy) and help with body positioning. The meditation was helpful to calm and relax.” – Ellena Kupka

“Ashley was very calming in her approach – her instruction, her voice. The additional props she placed helped reduce tension I didn’t realize I was holding. She created a safe and relaxing experience. The room was calm, and I enjoyed the small group of people.” – Shari Youb

 "I really enjoyed the pace of the class and that it was challenging but easy enough to follow with modifications for those who are less experienced. I am an avid hot yoga practitioner, i have been practicing 3-5 days a week for the past 5 years, but have recently taken a break as i am expecting my first baby and was advised to take it easy at least until past my first trimester. So at your class i was a bit rusty since its been about 2 months now since i've been on my mat. I loved the music and the essential oils was a great touch. Overall coming out of the event i felt great and positive." - Abby T. (Yoga Client)




  • Participants can opt to receive 

    • Zoom sessions 

    • In-studio (max 4 participants in the studio)​​

  • Non-contact classes.​​

  • In studio, the instructor will sanitize high touch surfaces including but not limited to door handles, light switches, sink, faucet, toilet handle and hand-rail banister. 

  • Participants will have to attest to 'good health'  EACH class prior to coming in. ​


  • Family members or other guests are not permitted to enter the studio space unless there is an emergency; door drop off only.​​

  • Timed entry: do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes for classes; allow space for others who are at the entryway before you, to enter efficiently and proceed into the studio before you enter.

  • It's possible that we will check temperatures to detect fever using a contact-less thermometer. 

  • Participants masking will be determined on bylaws at the time of session start dates.

  • Students must wear their masks when using the washroom, entry and departure from the studio.

  • Students must sanitize or wash hands upon entry and prior to departure.

  • Students should refrain from touching anything unnecessarily in the studio space. ​​. 

  • Any further protocols will be communicated.