Sensational Self-Confidence

10 week Group coaching program for girls

Ages 9-12 years

Saturdays 3:00-5:00pm

Oct 12 - Dec 14, 2019


All materials included! And so much fun to be had!





Provided by The Confidence Coach, Ashley Anjlien Kumar, accredited Life Coach (CCF), and Certified Wisdom Coach (TM)

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How much a child believes in his or herself will shape who they are and what they create in their lives - did they go for it in life or did they sit on the sidelines? Powerful self-confidence isn’t something kids are just born with; believing in themselves, even after they've experienced a disappointment, is a skill that they can develop! Kids often feel they have to feel confident before they do something; however, exactly the opposite is true. The fear doesn’t go away and the confidence doesn’t come until after they take action. The good news is that they can learn how to believe in themselves, even when there is no evidence that they will be successful!

In this program Kids will learn to:

    • Create an "I can" belief system.

    • Uncover negative beliefs, shift them to supportive beliefs and become empowered to handle disappointments without giving up on themselves.

    • See the possibilities in situations and reach beyond their comfort zone.

    • Understand their 'internal radar system", and what Neural Pathways are and how to get what they want in any circumstance.

    • Make "Power Goggles" and use them to navigate the ups and downs of growing up.

    • Manage fear and overcome conditional thinking


Location of Classes: 9223 - 152 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5R 1M6

I would highly recommend this program to my friends, family and colleagues. My daughter explained to me all about the subconscious and conscious mind; she provided me an example of the autopilot and the pilot and clearly explained how to remove negative thoughts. She enjoyed learning about the power shifting concept the most – it taught her a valuable life skill. She enjoyed everything about the experience, and I feel very happy that she has learned great morals and values [in a fun way]. I’d rate my satisfaction with the program as a 10/10! Loved [it]!” – Sandeep Ramakrishnan, parent


Edmonton, AB, Canada