Private Yoga Coaching


Private Yoga is available in two formats:


This is a mobile service - where I come to you!

Yoga means union. And you may have a goal of becoming one with various aspects of yourself from the physical, emotional to spiritual sides of your life. 


If you are interested in simply connecting to your physical body and improving strength, concentration, focus, energy and relaxation, you can consider REGULAR Yoga Coaching.

If you are interested in IMPROVING YOUR LIFE, becoming stronger both physically and internally, I will integrate my Life Coaching Skills and Techniques into your Private Yoga plan and mold the plan around what YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE. This plan is highly geared towards personal success. 

Travel fees may be applicable depending on travel time to your location.


Private Group sessions can also be arranged for 3-10 people.  


Call Ashley for a more in-depth discussion: 780-499-0866

Private Yoga Coaching - REGULAR


Private Yoga Coaching - PERSONALISED


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