LIVE Online Conscious Confident Mommas Healing Circle 

10 week recurring program


In a world full of judgements, advice and criticism, the ‘Conscious Confident Mommas Healing Circle’ is a place full of empathy and love. Here you are going to be held in a safe container free of judgement or criticism about the woman that you are, for the actions you’ve taken in life or in your parenting journey thus far. You will be given the opportunity to share, speak, connect and begin to heal, and very specific tools to help you. Each session, you'll be led through guided meditations and visualizations to support your motherhood journey. 

It is likely that you will be given the chance to see both your darkness and your light, but in these group coaching sessions, following a unique process led by your facilitator Ashley Anjlien Kumar, The Confidence Coach (Certified Kids Coach and Parenting Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor), you will be able to experience your own inner light and let it illuminate all aspects of your motherhood and all your relationships.

This circle is for you if you are  working towards becoming a more 'conscious parent' and desire to have more support, tools and a tribe to journey with. If you are open-minded and open-hearted, we are here ready to receive you in the company of like-minded women. If you are ready to grow and heal this is the circle for you.



I was unleashing some deep unmet needs and allowing space for healing...


"Ashley is a passionate parent coach, guide and mentor with a skill for asking questions to really unpeel the layers of conditioning that we all carry and helping the client to access their inner truth, wounds, fears and enabling a beautiful release of beliefs and patterns. This creates access to the clients own inner wisdom and starts a healing that so many of us need, but never dare venture towards alone.


In my most recent coaching session with Ashley I actually came to the session feeling quite neutral and like I wasn’t sure that I had anything that needed investigation. Within 5-10 minutes I was unleashing some deep unmet needs in my own parenting journey and allowing space for the healing tears to release, such a gift in the deep process work. It has been an honor to work with Ashley, she is a dedicated learner and gifted coach and I highly recommend her multifaceted coaching talents for whole families."  -Alita Blanchard, Mama to 4 boys - Certified Parent Coach, Women’s circle and Rites of Passage facilitator - Central Coast NSW, Australia

10 week program - Sundays 2-3:30pm (MST)

March 14 - May 30, 2021

Program Investment $199.00

What you can expect:

-A motherhood tribe to become part of - YES - what we've all be waiting for - not another mommy support group or wine-night

-Check-ins that allow you to be heard, seen and felt (virtual 'talking' stick will be part of how we function)

-The practice of Active Listening.

-Group Healing Meditations.

-Yoga philosophy, kriya and asanas to support you.

-Specific Topics to be discussed and shared openly related to motherhood, parenting challenges, and relationships.

-Guided Group Coaching to shed light and insight on the challenges you may be experiencing that other women are experiencing as well, and how to overcome the challenges.

-Opportunity to speak your truths and share.

-Pre-recorded meditations.

-Classes / teachings related to parenting, children and the modern motherhood journey (backed by science).

-Workbooks and E-Books

-Occasional Special Guests.

-Inner Child work.

-A mix of fun and silly candidness with deep care and dedicated learning... Come and be your authentic self...

Why do women choose to join a tribe or a healing circle? Read more about this here!


The world's most well-known leaders in psychotherapy, psychiatry, holistic medicine, clinical social work and the eastern healing modalities such as yoga, reiki and meditation consistently talk about the fact that healing and growth cannot just happen from perspective of the mind alone. Dr. Jon-Kabat Zinn, Dierdre Fay, Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, the 

and thousands more agree...


This is why people can spend thousands of dollars on talk therapy or life coaching that involves only talking, and find themselves in loops of traumatization, victimization, reverting to old limiting unhealthy patterns, shutting out and shutting down emotionally, living with bouts of anxiety... And on the parenting side, finding themselves easily triggered, yelling at their kids when they don't want to, overly dictatorial/authoritarian, overly permissive, becoming aggressive and having less connection and joy in their family lives...

Long lasting healing and personal growth needs to move it's way through the body... somatically. And the approach needs to be consistent, the strategies practiced and the tools applied regularly in daily life.

This circle is not for everyone; there needs to be strong fit for the women in this group and how they receive the information shared within the group,  and how they hold space for each other.


The first step is to fill out our application form. 

Let's be transparent: whenever you consider an investment, you must consider what you hope to receive in terms of value and 'return'; at the same investment of an average studio yoga class...  You get to choose. We honor your freedom of choice.

See you inside the circle…

Who is Ashley Anjlien Kumar, your facilitator?


She is a dedicated mother of two who has endured many traumas in life (including trauma around the birth of her first child) with very little emotional support around her since childhood. In her upbringing, emotions were not talked about openly or candidly, and the 'wrong' emotions were highly disapproved of. 


For years she squelched her authentic self under the shrouds of cultural and societal norms and expectations. After the birth of her first child, a lot of 'stuff' came up - including her curiosity about her birth mother, as well as the impact of extended family on her children. She decided she wanted to stop negative and limiting intergenerational parenting patterns and belief systems, and the concepts of what mothers "should" be to their kids and family members. 

Having suffered the loss of her biological mother at 8 months old in the Fiji Islands, she was raised by her maternal grandmother for a period of time and then adopted by her aunt. The cord of attachment was cut, and the new world she came into was less than ideal emotionally and mentally. She had all the comforts of modern Canadian life, and she holds much gratitude for this life she was gifted in Canada. But life became complicated as she straddled two cultures and stumbled her way through to start finding balance and peace in her parenting and personal life, gently moving away from traditional conservative ethnic norms.  There is no blaming or shaming.... because each mother was also mothered by someone... And the patterns continue. 

We can shift that. But it starts with us as individuals. 

All of Ashley's life experiences have culminated in a rewarding path of coaching parents and their kids. She is strongly dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls and works with parents to empower kids and create connected, cohesive and expressive teams.

Come along for the journey. 

You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain...


Just a few of Ashley's [relevant] Certifications:

Wisdom Coach (TM) 

Parenting Coach (Jai Institute for Parenting)

Certified Life Coach Practitioner (registered with CCF)

RYT200 (Yoga Alliance)

Restorative Yoga (Empowered Yoga School)

Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification (Warrior Kids by YogaFit)