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Looking for more information about The Confidence Coach's Group Coaching Programs?

You're in the right place!

Q. What material will be covered in the program? / How can I preview the material? 

A. I use world-renowned licensed and copyrighted curricula. In group coaching, we are able to cover up to 8-14 Skill books that are specifically chosen to meet the requirements of that specific program (i.e. "Rugged Resilience", "Sensational Self-Confidence", "Becoming Bully-Proof" etc.)

Q. Where will the sessions be held?

A. If you're enrolled in an 'online' group or 1-on-1 program, then the program will be held online via ZOOM sessions. In-person sessions take place at various locations, including my home-based studio that is licensed through the City of Edmonton; I host workshops, events, group coaching and I do my one-on-one coaching from my studio as well. It's clean, professional and bright; it has a separate entrance. Below are some pictures! 9223 152 St NW, Edmonton, AB


Q. What certifications and experience does Ashley Anjllien Kumar, The Confidence Coach, have?

A. I am a Certified Life Coach through Certified Coaches Federation (CCP), I have my Wisdom Coach(TM) Certification, I am a Certified Master Parent Coach, and Somatic Trauma Therapy Practitioner and I have my RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training Certification. I am the author of 3 books, and 22 years of experience working with children. I have completed CPR A training. 

Q. Will my child get any kind of certificate?

A. Sometimes we gift kids a certificate of completion for various modules. 

Q. Can I submit this for health insurance? Do you do 'Direct Bill'?

A. At this time, you would have to check with your health insurance provider or healthcare spending account provider to see if they cover life coaching services. If they do, you would need to be in direct contact with them to see if the program can be covered. Many company's also offer Employee Health Care Spending Accounts - there is a strong chance your programs could be covered through this but once again, please inquire directly with your employer. My programs are officially invoiced through my company THE BALANCE CODE YOGA & WELLNESS LTD. Direct Billing is not available.

Q. My child will benefit more from 1 on 1 coaching - we've got some important things to work on and improve. Can you help us?

A. One on one coaching provides MASSIVE benefits and allows an opportunity for major transformations to happen. If you think you'd like to book a FREE CONFIDENCE CONSULT (60 minute phone call), you can set that up by clicking the link below. In the call we'll chat about your needs and goals for your child and your family, you'll gain clarity on the outcomes you want, and you gain complete clarity on how to get there. 

Q. What's the difference between 'life coaching' for kids and counseling?

A. Great question. Just like kids have a dance coach, swim coach or soccer coach, I offer life-skills coaching for kids. This can be different that counseling. Counseling is often addressing much deeper and maybe even traumatic challenges a child and her family faces. Coaching for kids is not a replacement for Counseling or Psychological services. Coaching be used as a restorative, educational, practical and supportive tool to help kids navigate the ups and downs of life. And, coaching can be a proactive tool aswell. Why wait until a problem shows up to help our kids. Why not give them skills and tools before they need it? A Plumber doesn't show up to a job site without their tools, so why might we be sending our kids out into the world to navigate life without adequate tools either?

Q. I still want more info. Can you contact me?

A. Yes. Send me an email or a message on Facebook, and I'll be in touch. 


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