Watch the Video to Learn What the

MFF Notepads are and how it can help your child in this program.

If your child is enrolled in any of one of my coaching programs where they will encounter the module "Slaying Dragons(TM)" from the Adventures in Wisdom Curriculum, then your child will have the opportunity to create a special tool called the MFF box. The kids will learn how to use this tool and learn about my 5 steps to handle Mistakes, Fear or Failure. 

It's great to have the MFF box - if you use it! So having these handy notepads will make it a far more effective. PLUS you'll get my 'Self-Esteem Journal". You can get the journal as a printable PDF or a fill-able PDF. How can  you use this? 


The journal has prompts on each page and motivational quotes that are suitable for both children and adults. So you can encourage your child to do this on their own, but you can also create "family journal time" where you all write in the Self-Esteem journal. It can be a family experience or a private experience. Totally  your call.


The Journal available as a Printable PDF download, and a Fill-able PDF download. Order a MFF  Notepad set below, and you'll be redirected to the Journal Download page on my website. The investment in this tool is only $25.00 (this covers actual item costs with no markup).


For any of my programs that are delivered online, you can save $5.00 and opt to pick up the notepad set; I'll send you a time/day you can collect from my office. Select Shipping if you want it shipped to you. $5.00 is for local shipping within Edmonton, AB. Any other shipping has a standard $10.00 flat rate within North America. Thank you!