Are you feeling stuck? Running in circles?

Not achieving what you set out to do?...

Two of the biggest obstacles to personal success :

 1. Lack of accountability and,

2. The right mentors or coaches.

Life Coaching

​Live Life Authentically


Hi! My name is Ashley Anjlien Kumar, and my vision in life is to empower women and girls to break self-perceived boundaries, live life authentically, and journey towards life-balance amidst what may seem like a chaotic world

They say "it takes a village to raise a child" but what they did not say is that "IT TAKES A TEAM TO LIVE JOYFULLY!" If  you're here on this page, you may have come to realize that so far "doing it on your own" isn't it?

Life Coaching will help you achieve:

* Personal Growth

* The Capacity to Realize your Goals and live to your Fullest Potential

* Emotional Healing

A Coach can help you to:

1. Find your the resources within you to take action to reach your goals,

2. Clarify what the action is that you want to take,

3. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THE ACTION, and achieve the progress you want.

​"Ashley isn't an ordinary Life Coach. You can expect a holistic approach; using The Balance Code Method (TM pending) she will help you move forward to uncover the obstacles preventing you from reaching your goals, provide a learning experience that allows you to uncover your own greatness, and, she will also address in each session, physical movements to facilitate your personal growth based on the path you are on and discuss other key components of personal success including emotional/artistic expression, sleep and nutrition, and spiritual connection (mind-body)."

-Client, Edmonton, AB

Life Coaching can give you:

*Personal Harmony, Confidence, Self-Love

*Improved Career / Business

*Improved Health / Weight Loss / Gain


*The Resources to start Enjoying Life

*Personal Fulfillment

*Improved Relationship with Spouse

*Personal Transformation

Some of the world's leading companies and top celebrities such as Zappos, Coca-Cola, and Oprah Winfrey employ life coaches to help increase productivity, effectiveness, and overall  health and happiness which directly impacts their success.

The Balance Code Method (TM pending) of coaching is a pilot program that incorporates 5 elements of health into the programming for a holistic approach. These areas are:

Spiritual/Mind-Body/Personal Growth Related Health

Sleep Health

Emotional Health

Physical Health

Nutritional Health​​​

The Balance Code Method Coaching package includes:

* 12 coaching sessions over a 6 month term (1-1.5 hour sessions)

* 2 private yoga trainings (1 hour sessions)

* 1 dance movement training (1 hour session)

* 1 yoga nidra guide (for improving sleep) included in package

* 2 nutritional check-ins (20 minute sessions)

* 1 personalized journal 

To see if THE BALANCE CODE METHOD Coaching Program is for you, book your initial Strategy Session at no cost now. This offer ends soon.

If you decide that this coaching program is for you, you'll get the ADDED BONUSES below too! 

BONUS #1:  Unlimited Email Support - need that extra push? Got a question? Any coaching related email support will be provided to you at no additonal investment throughout your program!

BONUS #2:  Unlimited Access to The Balance Code Empowerment League Closed Facebook Group for Wellness Coaching, Empowerment, and Encouragement.

BONUS #3:  A Free Copy of my upcoming book The Balance Code - How To Find Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Abundance and Enjoy Life To The Fullest

There is only space for 5 NEW CLIENTS in this program, so if you want to start living the life you want NOW, then don't wait.

There is only room for a few select NEW CLIENTS in this program, so if you want to start living the life you want now, don't wait.

For additional Coaching Packages please email me.


Edmonton, AB, Canada