Are you ready to shed the shrouds of disempowerment, low self-worth, and denial of your authentic self?

Is increasing your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image crucial to you at this point in your life?

What are you willing to do in order to live the happy, abundant and healthy life you deserve?

Are you ready to step into your power?

Then I’ve got your back!

From the cushy comfort zone to the colossal confidence zone…

From self-loathing to self-love…

From self-doubt to self-confidence!

I'm offering a very limited and select few women – in fact only 5 women - the opportunity to come with me on a journey: a NEW service I’m offering FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME based on the lessons I currently offer in my kids coaching programs but I have adapted and modified in order to serve adults.

Two of the biggest obstacles to personal success :

 1. Lack of accountability and,

2. The right mentors or coaches.

This is going to be fun! I promise :)

I'm offering my current program of 10 one-one-sessions and 2 group sessions for $700 OFF! Woah - that's huge. Why am I doing this? Because I realized that I’m an adult, and I DO ALL THE THINGS that I teach the kids I coach to do. I'm following my own coaching program, and I'm loving it! I do the crafts and experiments, and enjoy it just as much as kids do. I realized that ADULTS will love this stuff too - because it really brings the fun and creativity back into the 'work' we need to do to continue to grow and evolve as we journey through life! So I’m giving away this experiential special offer with the goal of helping a select few people WHO REALLY NEED THIS, and are willing to invest in themselves to change their life trajectory in a positive way. And, I'll be learning, tweaking and applying my curriculum in a whole new way to women who are ready to transform their life.

Hi! My name is Ashley Anjlien Kumar, and my vision in life is to empower women and girls to break self-perceived boundaries, live life authentically, and journey towards life-balance amidst what may seem like a chaotic world

They say "it takes a village to raise a child" but what they didn't tell us is


The Year of Confidence - New Year New You Coaching package includes:

* 12 coaching sessions over a 4 month term (1 hour sessions)

* 8 specialized workbooks 

* Yoga instruction to complement the program

* 1 Guided Meditation Audio

* 1 personalized journal 

* 3 Week Bonus extension for program completion

* Certificate of Module Completion (if applicable)

* Other Bonus Gifts and Materials - because I can :)

Life Coaching will help you achieve:

* Increased Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Improved Self-Image

* Personal Growth

* The Capacity to Realize your Goals and live to your Fullest Potential

* Emotional Healing

A Coach can help you to:

1. Find your the resources within you to take action to reach your goals,

2. Clarify what the action is that you want to take,

3. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THE ACTION, and achieve the progress you want.

Okay – so what am I? Today, I am a Certified Life Coach and a Certified Wisdom Coach(TM), I’m also a Certified Yoga Instructor, and a Dance Artist. Things weren’t always rosy and glowing in my life. I grew up with conditional thinking, limiting belief systems, and poor self-image and self-esteem. I struggled for a LONG TIME. I am also the product of a family environment where depression, self-victimizing and loss of self-worth has affected many…But I was blessed to have found the wellness techniques and programs that I now offer as a coach. and Everyday of my life, I devote my energy to empowering women and girls.


My programming for adult women will be based on the Adventures in Wisdom System(TM) by Renaye Thornborrow and will integrate lessons from Yoga, as well as utilize teachings from a variety of influential and internationally recognized coaches and mental and emotional health specialists.

Life Coaching can give you:

*Personal Harmony, Confidence, Self-Love

*Improved Career / Business

*Improved Health / Weight Loss / Gain


*The Resources to start Enjoying Life

*Personal Fulfillment

*Improved Relationship with Spouse

*Personal Transformation

Some of the world's leading companies and top celebrities such as Zappos, Coca-Cola, and Oprah Winfrey employ life coaches to help increase productivity, effectiveness, and overall  health and happiness which directly impacts their success.

If you’re ready to do this, I recommend you set up a call with me. Why do you need to set up a call – well, like I said I’m only offering this to 5 women in 2020 – being a busy and dedicated mother, it’s crucial to me that I only work with the women who are ready to get down and do the work to transform their lives. If this is you, then click to "Book a Confidence Consult Now." 


The first part of the process is to book this call, and when you do that, we’ll send you a link to fill out a “Pre-Confidence Consult Questionnaire” where I’ll ask you a few questions to gauge if you’ll be the right fit for this program. After that is reviewed, we’ll chat further on the phone and arrange your sessions. With only 5 spots open, you won’t want to wait before booking. See you in the Confidence Zone!

If you decide that this coaching program is for you, you'll get the ADDED BONUSES below too! 

BONUS #1:  Unlimited Email Support - need that extra push? Got a question? Any coaching related email support will be provided to you at no additonal investment throughout your program!

BONUS #2:  Unlimited Access to The Confidence Coach Empowerment League Closed Facebook Group for Wellness Coaching, Empowerment, and Encouragement.

BONUS #3:  A Free Copy of my upcoming book The Balance Code - How To Find Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Abundance and Enjoy Life To The Fullest

There is only space for 5 NEW CLIENTS in this program, so if you want to start living the life you want NOW, then don't wait.

There is only room for 5 women in this program, so if you want to start living the life you want now, don't wait.

For additional Coaching Packages please email me.


Edmonton, AB, Canada